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Vital Documents for your new job


These documents will be required at some stage after you get a job offer – to save time and avoid unnecessary stress, we strongly recommend that you get started on collecting these now!

During the Saudi Visa process, you will be required to submit original documents to us, for authentication purposes, so its vital that you have all original documents available (original means an actual physical stamp/seal and signature with pen, not a printed out email copy).

Matric Certificate

Do you still have your original matric certificate?

SANC Licence

Do you have your Annual Practicing Certificate for the current year?

Diplomas/Degrees and SANC Certificates of Registration

Do you have the actual “Diploma/Degree” document issued by the College/University?

  • If not, you need to apply to the College/University for either a replacement document, or a Confirmation of Diploma/Degree Letter

SANC Certificates of Registration

Do you have the SANC Certificate of Registration for all your registered qualifications?

  • If not, you need to apply to SANC for a replacement certificate

Transcript of Training

All overseas countries will require this document in order for to be registered/licenced to practice in that country

  • Please refer to our instructions re. how to apply – definitely try the College/University before you try SANC:
  • NB:  An Academic Record is a statement of the results that you achieved; a Transcript of Training is a breakdown of the modules of the course, and the actual hours that you personally spent on each – if you can obtain both, that would be a bonus, but it is the Transcript (hours) that is the vital document needed!

Certificates of Service

You are required to provide proof of employment for each and every employer since the date you initially qualified.  There cannot be gaps of more than 6 months between employers. 

  • Apply to the HR Department at the relevant employers for a Certificate / Letter stating your position title, and the start & end date of employment (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Documents must be signed & stamped by HR Dept, they cannot come from Nursing Managers etc.
  • Any gaps need to be justified – please supply a sworn affidavit stating full details for the reason for the gap (studying; raising children etc.)
  • If your attempts to get formal confirmation from long previous employers are unsuccessful, then a sworn affidavit is acceptable.
    • Document must state Full Name of Employer; your Position Title & Unit; full start & end dates of employment (dd/mm/yyyy) and detailed explanation as to the reason you can’t get formal confirmation (i.e. hospital closed; HR Dept confirmed no records kept longer than 5 years etc. – in this case, please provide relevant name & contact details of who you spoke to)

Reference Letters

Do you have written professional reference letters?

  • You will to have at least two letters, that must come from either current or recent employers
  • Letters must be typed; printed on formal letterhead; must be written by direct relevant manager/supervisor (i.e. if nurse, then written by nursing unit manager/supervisor), and it must be signed & dated, with referee’s position title & contact details


If you’re going to work overseas, you will most certainly need one!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Why not prepare a Personal Portfolio of your qualifications & career, and keep these all together in a folder/binder?  It will save you loads of hassles, and will look very impressive in a job interview!!


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