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After you receive a Job Offer

Once you have accepted a Job Offer you will need to submit the following documents to us urgently, therefore it is important that you start applying for these as early as possible to avoid delays – these documents are mandatory and we cannot proceed without them:

Transcript of Training

What is a Transcript of Training?

The Transcript of Training lists the various modules included in your course, as well as the actual hours spent on each module.

How to Apply?

First Option

If the College / University where you obtained your Diploma / Degree is still open, you must please contact them directly to enquire about how to apply (this is often the quickest and cheapest process).

Second Option

If the College / University has closed, then you can apply to the South African Nursing Council

  • Deposit R2,030.00 into SANC’s bank account:  S A Nursing Council No 2 Account  –  First National Bank Corporate Core Banking  –  Pretoria (253-145)  –  Acc No. 514 211 86 193  –  Ref: Your SANC Ref. No., followed directly by the letters VERIFEE
  • Please download the SANC Transcript Request Letter – print & sign and then post/courier/hand deliver the original letter plus proof of payment to SANC:  PO Box 1123, Pretoria, 0001 / 602 Pretorius Street, Arcadia, 0083
  • Please email a copy of the application to our office

Please be sure to follow up with SANC immediately to avoid any potential delays with processing

Police Clearance Certificate

How to apply

  • Go to your nearest Police Station and request to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate for visa application purposes
  • You will be required to take a full set of fingerprints
  • Your full name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and identity number must also be recorded on the fingerprint form
  • You are required to present your original Identity Document at the police station as proof of identity
  • A copy of your ID document/passport must accompany the application

Cost: This service is rendered at R150-00 per application payable at the Police Station.

The police station will take your fingerprints and submit it on your behalf


They will return the application form along with proof of payment to you to submit yourself.

If you chose to send them up yourself, you will be responsible for couriering them to Criminal Records Centre (CRC) below is the address:

Criminal Records Centre

1st Floor

Bthongo Plaza West (Old Sanlam Plaza)

271 Francis Baard Street (Old Schoeman Street)


Certificates and Diplomas

Matric Certificate

If missing, please apply to the Department of Education in your province for a reissue/replacement

Primary Diploma/Degree

If missing, please apply to both the SANC (or relevant health council) for a replacement Diploma, and to the College where you trained for a Confirmation of Diploma Letter

License to Practice

If missing, please apply to the SANC (or relevant health council) for a letter confirming that you are licenced to practice for the current year

Certificates of Service

You are required to produce proof of employment for every position held since you qualified.

Please apply to the relevant HR Depts for these documents, which must:

  • be on official letterhead / stationery;
  • be signed & stamped by the HR Dept;
  • indicate position held;
  • indicate start & end date of service.

*If you are unable to obtain documents for the older employers (some hospitals do not keep employee records older than 5 years), then please provide either a letter from the HR Dept stating this, and/or a sworn affidavit completed by you, stating the reason you are unable to obtain the document, as well as mentioning the employers name; the dates of employment; and the position held.

*If the current employers will only issue the Certificates of Service after you have resigned, then please try obtain a Confirmation of Employment Letter from the HR Dept – you could possibly tell them it is for Banking purposes.  Failure to supply this document now might delay your mobilisation – if you are struggling, please chat to us!

Reference Letters

All Reference Letters must:

  • be on official letterhead / stationery;
  • be written by your direct Manager/Supervisor;
  • be dated & signed by the Referee, indicating their position title;
  • indicate your position held;
  • indicate start & end date of service;
  • give detailed information regarding your skills and abilities pertaining to the role;
  • give detailed information regarding your personal attributes.