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How to Apply

The minimum requirements for employment in the United Kingdom are as follows:

  • Must hold a minimum of a Diploma or Degree in your relevant field
  • Must have at least one year’s current experience for entry level positions
  • Must be able to obtain a valid passport from your home country

Send us your CV for pre-approval to proceed to the next step…

Before we can submit your application to our clients, you are required to begin the registration process with the Nursing & Midwifery Council of the UK (NMC-UK):

  1. Pass the Academic IELTS with a Band Score of 7 in every category
  2. Begin application for registration with the NMC-UK
  3. We will submit your application to our client and arrange Skype / Telephonic Interviews

If you receive an Offer, we will assist you throughout the rest of the process:

  1. PearsonVue Exam
  2. TIER 2 Work Permit
  3. Enrolment in the Overseas Nursing Programme



If you meet these basic requirements, please email your detailed CV to

Alternatively you can download the THYMIC CV Application Form