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Where is the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is located on the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman.

What is the landscape and climate like?

Skypscrapers, beaches, desert… and Hot, hot, hot!

The Climate is subtropical-arid with hot summers & warm winters.  The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures reaching 45°C on the coast.  Minimum temperatures in January and February are between 10°C and 14°C

What are the people like?

The Emirati people are devout Muslims – Islam is not just a religion for them, but a way of life.  The Emirates is open to the practice of other religions, there being approximately 33 Christian churches located in the country.  The country is a lot more relaxed and westernised in terms of daily life than their neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

What language do they speak & will they understand me?

Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but English is widely spoken and is used in business. English is a compulsory second language at schools. All expat staff must be able to communicate clearly in English, no matter what their home language is. You will be required to learn some basic Arabic, either by attending a course or by just picking up basic words / expressions in your day-to-day interactions with fellow staff members.


Where will I stay?

All Western expatriate staff are initially housed together during their probation period in specially designated housing compounds. Single male and female staff are housed separately, while Married staff live with their families in the Family Compounds. These compounds are secure, and no visitors are permitted without prior consent. Male visitors are prohibited from entering the female housing compounds.

The apartments / houses on these compounds are fully furnished with all the basic necessities, such as beds; bedding; kitchen utensils; kitchen appliances etc.

The majority of the compounds have decent recreational facilities on site, such as tennis courts; swimming pools; gyms etc.

After successfully completing your probation period, you can then opt to either remain in the provided accommodation, or you can choose to find your own accommodation outside of the hospital compounds.


Will I be safe?

The crime rate in the UAE is extremely low, so safety is generally not a concern, however it is always advisable to be vigilant in any country.


Can my Family join me?

Yes, married status is given to expat staff.


Will I be able to save money?

Salaries in UAE are generally not as high as you would get in Saudi Arabia, and the cost of living is considerably higher, so if you are taking your family with it wouldn’t really be possible to save money.  If you are single though, it is much easier to save some money… especially seeing as salaries are 100% TAX-FREE!!

You will also be given other benefits, such as:

  • Free flights on initial hire and upon completion of your contract;
  • Housing Allowance / Subsidy
  • Allowance to cover your vacation and monthly utilities.
  • Free Medical & Dental care.

So the answer is YES… if you’re clever with your money it is possible to save !

(Provided you are disciplined and don’t spend it all in the shopping malls… )