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Transcript of Training


What is a Transcript of Training?

A Transcript of Training is a document that lists the various modules included in your course, as well as the actual hours spent on each module. It is important that you start applying for it as soon as possible to avoid possible delays

Where and How can you get yours?

First Option

College/University where you obtained your Diploma/Degree

  • You must contact them directly to enquire about how to apply
  • It’s the quickest and cheapest

Second Option

South African Nursing Council (SANC)

  • It will cost you R1,820.00
  • From our experience – on average if can take up to 2 months
  • Please be sure to follow up with SANC immediately to avoid any potential delays with processing

For instruction on how to apply at SANC, click  here 

Remember we are here to help you if you experience any difficulty in getting your transcript of training 🙂


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