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Saudi Licencing Exams


What is the Saudi Licencing Exam?

All foreign medical personnel working at hospitals / healthcare facilities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to register with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities.

Before you can register with the Commission, you are required to write a Licencing Exam. It is now compulsory to write the exam prior to your visa being issued, and must therefore be written as a matter of urgency.

The examination costs $239.00 (approx. R3,100.00) and is for your own expense
You are allowed to write the exam three times in one calendar year, but will have to pay the exam fee each time
The registration must be done online at least 3 working days before the exam date, and payment must be done by credit card
There are 100 multiple-choice questions
After the Exam you will be issued with a Score Report and be told immediately whether or not you have passed – be sure to wait for this, as there is no way to obtain the results page after you leave the testing centre
Midwives are required to write the PearsonVue Exam.

Where will I write the Exam?

Please note:
Testing Centres are only located in Johannesburg and Cape Town – this means that if you do not live in either of these cities, you will be required to travel to the testing centre to sit for the exam
Cape Town:
Prometric: SKYLAR 1st Floor, Suite 3, 31 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore Cape Town Tel: (021) 839-2921
PearsonVue (Midwives only): CTU Training Solutions, 1st Floor, 30 Waterkant Street, Cape Town Tel: (021) 418-4902
Prometric: Innovatec Ltd., Africa House, 150 Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 589-9077
PearsonVue (Midwives only): 6th Floor, Sandton City Shopping Centre Office Tower, Cnr Sandton Drive & Alice Lane, Sandton, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 784-3093
Prometric: CTU Training Solutions, 245 Peter Makaba Road, Cnr. Valley View Road, Morningside, Durban Tel: (031) 303-1280
PearsonVue (Midwives only): please note there is currently no PearsonVue testing centre available in Durban

What does the Exam Cover?

Please visit the Saudi council website for information regarding the Exam BluePrints (content) and Reference Material

Health Specialists (Degrees)
Health Technicians (Diplomas)Doctors

What does the Prometric Exam look like?

The exam is computer-based, so if you are not all that tech-savvy, it is important to get a feel for the look and layout of the exam.

Please visit this link on the Prometric website to walk through the introduction to the exam, and get tips re. how to navigate through the content:

Is there a practice exam available?

It is important to prepare yourself for the exam!

Read the question carefully… you should be able to automatically eliminate two of the answers… then the remaining two usually both seem right, but if you read the way the question is phrased, then you can normally figure out which is the most correct… just try relax and remember to breathe!!

Although you are actively working in nursing, the exam content varies greatly and might not be on your chosen speciality (e.g. you might have to answer paediatric questions, even though you have specialised in ICU for several years)… it is best to brush up on all aspects of your Nursing Diploma/Degree course.

Please visit the following websites for Practice Exams:
RN Speak – Prometric Exam for Nurses 1
RN Speak – Prometric Exam for Nurses 2
Nurselabs NCLEX Practice Questions
ANCC Practice Questions (click on a speciality and look for the “sample test” link under “resources”)
Nurse Specialist Exam – revision 1
Nurse Specialist Exam – revision 2
Brilliant Nurse – 75 NCLEX Questions
Brilliant Nurse – Updated NCLEX Practice Questions
You can also download this reference material: Prometric Exam for Nurses

Remember the Nursing Process!

Please read PEARSONVUE EXAM FOR MIDWIVES, which was kindly prepared for us by a Clinical Facilitator in Maternity Dept who wrote the exam… hope this helps

Some of the Nursing links above also have specific sections relating to Midwifery questions.

Nurselabs Nursing Board Exams (scroll down to Maternal & Child section)

Try these online practice exams for the NPTE (American) exam:

PT Final Exam – free NPTE quiz
Physical Therapy ED – NPTE Practice Quizzes

Please note the above links & booklets were sourced online, and Thymic is not responsible for any incorrect information that might be included in its content


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