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To apply for a Certificate of Good Standing (or Verification as it is known in SANC), do the following:

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

This document issued by the relevant Health Council stating that there are no known offences or disciplinary proceedings on your record and that you are fit to practice, and is only valid for the current year.

 How to Apply: 

 South African Nursing Council

  • Deposit R1,710.00 into SANC’s bank account:

S A Nursing Council No 2 Account – First National Bank Corporate Core Banking – Pretoria (253-145) –  Acc No. 514 211 86 193 –  Ref: Your SANC Ref. No., followed by the letters VERIFEE

  • Please complete the SANC Certificate of Good Standing (attached) and the SANC application for a Certificate of Good Standing (attached) – print & sign and then post/courier/hand deliver the original letter plus proof of payment to SANC:  PO Box 1123, Pretoria, 0001 / 602 Pretorius Street, Arcadia, 0083.

You must send also  the NMC document that you download from the NMC site  as well for SANC to complete

  • Please note that the documents must go directly to the NMC. The contact  information will be on the NMC form .
  • Please email a copy of the application to our office
  • Please be sure to follow up with SANC immediately to avoid any potential delays with processing.
  • This link is a direct download link for the application form from SANC:

What happens when SANC receives your request –

  1. The request will be received in “Registry”, where all post is recorded, scanned and uploaded
  2. The request will move from “Registry” to “Foreign”, where this type of request is processed.
  3. The letter will be couriered to the supplied address (cannot be the candidate directly)

Note – this is a long process – it can take anything from one month (quickest) to three months on average


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