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How has working in Saudi changed your life, as a person and financially?
I have developed a very thick skin. The first 3 months are very hard and I cried a lot, but I now have the support of my sisters there. There are ups & downs, but that is life. Financially, I have everything I have ever wanted.

What advice would you give to someone going to Saudi for the first time?
Saudi is a friendly country, there is no crime. But there are strict rules that you need to get used to. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You need to remind yourself why you are there. You are there to work and to reach your goals.
You can find most things that you are used to from home over there, and you will get used to their foods and cosmetics etc. The biggest thing that they don’t have is hairdressers that know our hair from home.

Are you given enough help with opening bank accounts etc.? Was it easy or hard?
It was very easy. They are very friendly and help with everything you need to know. Once you have your Iqama everything is easy.

How have you found nursing there, compared with back home?
The only thing that is different is the protocols. Once you learn their protocols, then everything else is exactly the same.

Have you made many new friends?
Yes, I have a lot of friends, from South Africa; America; Philippines; Malaysia; and even one from Sudan.

Have you travelled much in Saudi?
I often go to visit friends at two of the hospitals in Riyadh for the weekends

How long will you continue to work in Saudi Arabia?
Until I can’t work any more. There are no jobs for me here at home, I will stay there until I can’t any more.

How have you found the experience of working through Thymic Connections?
It brings tears to my eyes to talk about it. I have sisters / mothers / friends at Thymic. I have shoulders to cry on. Everything I can think of. I am where I am because of you. You are a Godsend.


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