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In South Africa employers cannot reject your application based on age or gender.This regulation does not apply to employers based outside South Africa.

As the agent we accept applications from anyone who meets the qualification and experience criteria as per local regulations.However, we feel it is in your best interests to clarify the client’s requirements so we don’t waste your time .

Most of our hospitals cannot get work visas for candidates over the age of 50.The main exception to this is for management posts. We recommend anyone with management experience to check with us before making a decision

Male nurses  – there are very limited visas for male nurses. Our experience shows that we can get the job but the hospitals spend months trying to get the visa and finally have to give up. This we believe is stressful and unfair on you , the candidate, as you are depending on a new job that is not likely to materialise.

Feel free to clarify your own current position with us. We can advise if there is a chance we can secure you  a post.

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We find jobs for registered nurses in the Middle East and the UK.

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