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Language and Culture

the official language spoken in the UAE is Arabic. English is widely spoken as well as Hindi, Urdu and Farsi.


The official religion in the UAE is Islam and the majority of expats are Muslim with 96% being Sunni Muslim. The constitution of the UAE practices religious freedom and there are some Christian Churches.

Sport and leisure

The UAE offers the expat a wide range of sports not least that of Horse Racing for this is where the famous Arab horse originated.
Being desert country the UAE have enjoyed camel and horse racing in the past and to date. Horse racing is more popular and Dubai hosts the annual Dubai World cup horse race which is the richest race in the world.

Public Transport

The UAE has a good network of public transport. Buses are an excellent way to get around and are cheap and comfortable. There is a section for women immediately behind the driver and men sit at the back. The most common form of transport in the UAE is by taxi which can be flagged down anywhere as long as it is safe to stop. Taxis are cheap but can prices can vary. Women should sit in the back and the taxi should be entered from the pavement side. Do ensure that the meter has started before you commence your journey.


The official currency in the UAE is the Dirham (official abbreviation AED,) which is available in the following banknote denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000.